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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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possible there. i may run this band right through frederick, winchester, back up into hagerstown. couple comments on the facebook, why are you going 1 to 8 inches? unfortunately we cover such a wide area, you folks in southern maryland only get 1 to 3-inch, but you folks in cumberland will get -- 1 to 3 inches, but you folks in cumberland will get 4 to 8 inches. snow 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. hangs on longer north and west, thus the higher amounts. sleet and freezing rain 4 to 10 p.m., but a little longer north and west of town. roads will be a mess between noon and midnight. if you can get off the roads do, that. if you have plans tomorrow night you can move to tonight, i would do that. a general 1 to 6-inch band with icing north and west of town. here's futurecast. 9:00 just clouds. by noon tomorrow it's going to be snowing about everywhere in the metro area with temps in the 20s. 3:00 still snow across the
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immediate metro area. this is the mix, the magenta, we see now and that's the transition from snow to sleet and freezing rain. that will work its way northward going through evening hours. we'll come back and talk more about the possibility of icing north and west and who stays below freezing tomorrow. doctors say this is dangerous cold and warn any time it gets this bad there's always an uptick in the frostbite and hypothermia cases. bruce leshan is live at dupont circle doing a dance, a bend, doing everything he can to stay warm. >> reporter: you got it, lesli. this morning's low actually broke the record for this day set 119 years ago. at these temperature exposed hands and feet can suffer serious damage and people living on the street can die from this cold. who likes this kind of chill? the georgetown university hockey team out on the frozen c
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& o canal. >> we're playing a little pond hockey. >> reporter: a 5-month-old labrador named henry. >> he loves the cold, the snow, anything. >> reporter: but most of the rest of us are freezing. the malanis are visiting from puerto rico. >> it's frigid. >> you have to have make a lot of cents to live here. >> reporter: what's the temperature in puerto rico now? >> 80 degrees. >> reporter: this morning's record low 5 degrees at reagan national airport breaks the old record of 8 degrees set back when grover cleveland was president. >> show me the money. >> reporter: terry mcguire was in theaters in 1996 the last time we hit 5 degrees. >> people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook. i'm not a shook. >> reporter: and richard nixon was still in the white house the last time we broke a record low temperature in february.
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rails cracked by the cold left people jammed on the platform at falls church. a water leak at l'enfant shut down the power and may have contributed to the crush of passengers at judiciary square and in cabin john fireplace ashes touched off a blaze that sent two people out in the cold. the national park service allows people like those georgetown university hockey players out on the frozen canal except in the area between great fall and old anglers inn, but rangers say people go on that ice at their own risk. firefighters say that the ice on ponds and creeks and rivers in our area is just absolutely never safe and time after time we have reported on children who have died after falling through. lesli. >> bruce, let's hope they heed your warning so we don't have to do another report on that.
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bruce also talk to lance johnson who lives under a tarp outside the world bank. he says he can handle the freezing temperatures, but he's handing out warm socks and blankets to a lot of other people living on the street around him. >> when we're not on the air, we're always online. download the new wusa9 app to keep up with the forecasts, road conditions and closings and delays. tonight a silver spring man is facing far more serious charges than breaking into homes. >> reporter: i'm debra alfarone in wheaton where montgomery county police say they arrested 21-year-old melvin calyx. he lives on this block. they also say he robbed neighbor and in stop one case he sexually assaulted a young girl. police say 21-year-old melvin calyx actually help cops catch him. >> he would earn homes through unlocked door -- earn home through unlocked doors or unlocked windows, many times while people were home. >> reporter: he would do it in the middle of the night, but he
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did some things that would make you scratch your head. at two homes he checked out refrigerator drinking a canal of orange juice and open -- can of orange juice and opening a can of mixed nuts, but when he stopped at a young girl's bedroom and she screamed, he ran and left evidence for a search warrant, his nike sneaker. police found the shoebox to the sneakers in the trash, got a search warrant. >> there been four burglaries he's charged with in the greater wheaton area from january 19th through february 12th. >> reporter: at his home they found all the items reported stolen and more, including an ipad, wedding band, breast cancer pendant. police say calyx admitted it all and they have advice you've probably heard before. >> make sure one of the last things you do at night is leave the lights on outside and make
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sure all your doors and windows are locked. >> reporter: montgomery county police say if you live in wheaton and are missing any valuables, maybe you remember someone perhaps entering your home, something out of place, they definitely want you to give them a call. prince william county needs your help to bring 45-year-old awduli kava last seen leaving his home this morning on whitings brigade drive. he's 6' 1, 145 pounds, wearing a brown leather jack and khakis. call montgomery county police right away if you see him. maureen mcdonnell is sentenced to prison one year and one day on corruption charges after her husband. peggy fox tells us about the first lady's emotional apology in court. through a steady stream of tears maureen mcdonnell spoke
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publicly for the first time about the bribery scandal. she said she had no one to blame but herself and asked judge spencer to consider the punishment she's already seed. "my marriage is broken. my family is hurting and my reputation is shattered." >> reporter: it was quite an emotional statement your wife made up there. did it touch you? >> very much, very much. she's a very good person. >> reporter: the former governor gave his wife a kiss on the cheek when she arrived and she kissed him back. she began her statement by thanking the judge for mercy in the two year sentence he gave her husband. >> i appreciate very much judge spencer's mercy and leniency for my wife today as they granted to me a month ago. >> reporter: maureen mcdonnell used judge's metaphor about jonnie williams, the wealthy businessman who bribed them. she said she was the one who allowed the serpent into the mansion and that the venom from
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the snake poisoned her marriage, the family and the commonwealth. she said she'd give anything to turn back the clock. maureen's attorney say they have a strong case for an appeal. in richmond, peggy fox, wusa9. >> maureen mcdonnell will be able to stay out of jail pending her opinion, just as was ruled for her husband. coming up doctors offering some tips on how to figure out if your kid has just a cold or something far more serious. >> federal investigators are trying to figure out why this man's fi
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tonight a colorado plan is behind bars charmed with bombing an naacp office. >> 44-year-old thaddeus murphy admits he made a bomb because he was distraught over financial problems. the cops say he placed two bombs at the office of the naacp in colorado springs last month. only one of them went off. nobody was hurt. the incident is being investigated as a hate crime. the united states and europe threatened to slap russia with even more sanctions if it doesn't knock off violating the situation with ukraine. russians were seen celebrating the take overof a key railway
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hub just two days after the ukrainians withdrew from the area. that is jerusalem, a winter wonderland, thanks to a rare heavy snowstorm that dumped at least 10 inches of snow on parts of the region. residents wore heavy boots at the wailing wall and threw snowballs near the mosque. money you've cleared the driveway and sidewalk for monday's snow because topper says more is on the way.
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and anoro is helping people with copd breath air better. get your first prescription free at it's a time of year for cold and flu and stomach bugs, but many parents often wonder when should we call the pediatrics? experts say a child's temperature is a telltale sign something is wrong. an elevated temperature means the body is fighting infection, but doctors warn to look for something more serious. >> if the fever is persistent and high and the child is really sort of tired, pooped out and just unable to do the things he usually does. >> doctors recommend you call your pediatrician right away any time a child under 2 years has a fever. consider the environment before you choose what to eat. that's the recommendation from the nation's top nutritional panel. the new dietary guideline
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suggest eating plant-based food like veggies, fruits and whole grains because they hope the environment and your health. eating a lot of red meat is not only harmful to the body, but it requires a lot of land and animal feed. the federal guidelines have a major impact on school lumps and how food is labeled. -- school lunches and how food is labeled. next year cpac will be right here in washington d.c. that conference is usually known to playing to the most conservative wing of the republican party, but as the chairman of the american conservative union matt sclapp told my co-host susan paige the gop is shifting a bit and looks to do whatever it takes to win in 2016. >> i want to make it really clear taiga conservatives should feel comfortable to -- that gay conservatives should feel comfortable to join the cpac. we don't have enough people to the full right to exclude
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anyone. >> sunday morning right here 8:30 on wusa9. you're dusting off the bread-o-meter tonight? >> i haven't. i try to dust it off when it's a pure snow and this is such a mess. maybe it will be worthy later tonight. are you worthy? live look outside, temperatures, 20 downtown, everybody else in the teens. dew point, it's still terribly dry and make sure you and your pets drink lots of water. snowfall, 1 to 3 inches, d.c. south and east 3 to 6-inch frederick, gaithersburg, fairfax, silver spring, leesburg and the bull's eye 4 to 8 inches along i-81 and points up in the mountains. that includes cumberland and romney. later tonight i might have to bring this 4 to 8 band through
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frederick and baltimore. i want to see one more computer run first. currently 16 in frederick, 19 in leesburg, 18 in manassas, 16 in la plata, 17 in annapolis. most folks do stay below 20 tonight. so quiet and cold tonight, no record lows. snow starts tomorrow 9 a.m. to noon and again southwest to northeast. so it starts snowing in culpeper before d.c. snow to a mix between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. that's the hour of transition as it transitions from snow to sleet. it will be a little later than that north and west. that's why you have higher snowfall amounts and we're looking at freezing rain to rain occurring between 8 p.m. to midnight, but again a little bit later on north and west of town. what i'm kind of concerned about, i'm concerned about a little bit more snow before the initial transition and by the time it finally changes to rain the damage will be done. looks like 80% of our
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precipitation will be some sort of precip. 8:00 tomorrow temps in the teens. along i-81 you've had a couple inches by 11:00. by noon snow comes into the metro area. we're back in the 20s. notice the darker blues here? that's pretty good snow. by 2 p.m. we're still looking at all snow across the trough, temperature upper 20s, low 30s. by 4:00 we see the mix down toward fredericksburg, the mix in magenta. as this moves northward, the snow will change to some sleet and freezing rain. by 6 p.m. temperatures still hovering around freezing. it's been so cold the ground temperatures are below freezing. by 8:00 still rain but a mix north of town with temps 30 in gaithersburg and 32 in
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frederick. by 9:30 mainly rain d.c. south, a little bit of icing possible north and west. you could see .1 to maybe .2- inch of icing north of leesburg and frederick and hagerstown. tonight clear skies early, increasing cloudiness by dawn, not as cold, low temperatures 6 to 16. break this down. 15 at 7:00, 19 at 9:00, a little snow by 11 and it's moderate snow by 1:00, temperature 29. next three days yellow alert tomorrow, snow to a mix. we'll keep the yellow alert sunday even though showers end in the morning, 44 and back in the freezer monday, only 28. next seven days cold, kind of uneventful, 34 tuesday, upper 30s, near 40 wednesday, maybe flurries wednesday night and cold again thursday and friday. dave is out at verizon. the wiz are playing. what's up? >> reporter: hey, top, my
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weather report? it's cold outside, but hey, it's starting to cook inside here at the verizon center. players are starting to warm up, these two teams separated by just a half game in the thank you for being a sailor, and my daddy. thank you mom,
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wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> reporter: welcome back to the verizon center, everybody. before we get to basketball some breaking nascar news, kurt busch suspended indefinitely for domestic abuse. we'll have much more coming up
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tonight at 11:00. now let's talk some basketball here. you can say when you want about this being just an ordinary regular season game. huh-uh. wizards and cavs, they are in a foot race to the playoffs. this one should be good. they've met two previous times this year. wizards won the first one 91-78 and then a couple days later the cavs came back and busted them 117-83. so much has changed. cleveland back to being the juggernaut we thought they would be. so tonight they're going to blow the roof off of this son of a gun. it should be pretty good. >> we've got a series series, 1- 1 right now. we've got the opportunity to go up 2-1. we know how well they're playing. they're right there in the standings with us. we look at it as a big key game and a must win for us. >> i'm quite sure when we're going to come to the end of the season, we're going to become
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more serious, but we need the serious approach today at 8 p.m. >> reporter: bradley beal will miss his fourth straight game because of that stress reaction in his right leg. he told reporters earlier today he's feeling better but added he won't return until he's 100%. good idea. unless you've been living urge a rock you know the cavs' resurgence co resurgence -- coincides with the return of lebron, but he's not doing it all on his own. he said the key to the resurgence is the 7.2 center. 7. -- 7' 2 center. >> we love everything he brings to the game and he's a very, very good player. >> he can move with the size
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very well. he's going to destroy you. >> reporter: let's shift gears to baseball. you know it's 15 degrees outside. well, it's 55 degrees in vieira, florida right now. tell you what. the washington nationals are the luckiest suckers on the universe, pitchers and catchers reporting yesterday, today the second day as they get things started. the pitchers and catchers will be what makes or breaks washington this year. mike rizzo has acquired plenty of arms dealers for the upcoming season. gio gonzalez has been sort of the forgotten man in it all, but he says that's all right by me. >> starting from stras to tanner o'rourke we have such a great chemistry and not just the rotation. i'm talking about the whole team in general. we have some great leaders, great role models, even guys that are great veterans that bring so much to this organization and that kind of respect that they're building in this organization. that's what i love about it.
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>> reporter: of course, i'lling down in vieira next week. -- i'll be down in vieira next week. boy, tough assignment for me. back to basketball, a good 1 tonight, cavs versus wizards as we get set for the 2nd half of the season and it's a big game for all the reasons we talked about, but not much time left in the regular season, full report tonight at 11:00. back to you guys in the studio, ladies. >> ladies, i resent that remark. i think he did that on purpose. >> we got to go. late morning tomorrow when the snow breaks out, be ready. >> i'll be back at 7:00 with your only local
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>> pelley: tonight, painfully cold. americans caught in an avalanche of falling records. a new obamacare glitch could delay tax refund. the ferguson police chief breaks his silence right here. >> there are some things you know that you need to change. >> pelley: and steve hartman on the road. old man winter grants a little girl her wish. >> that's what grandparents do. it's in the contract. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: they couldn't see russia from their houses, but millions of americans could feel it. today, the siberian express brought the kind of cold that makes tears run from your eyes


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